Get Bridal Fit with Apricot’s New Activewear Range

Apricot Active Wear- Pink and black

Apricot Activewear

The days are staying brighter for longer and we’re officially in British Summertime! Now is the perfect time to kick start your exercise plans and really get on your way to bridal fitness. If, like me, you like to feel good and look good while you work out, you’ll love the fun, fresh and flirty new activewear range from Apricot!

Apricot Activewear

Apricot Activewear

There’s just something about brighter, sunnier days that makes working out that much more appealing. For the last six months or so I’ve taken my fitness up more than a gear or two- I now go to the gym three/four times a week. Personally, I love the feeling I get from going to the gym. Especially after a long day of sitting, typing on my laptop or desktop at work. It’s great to just move around and use up all your extra energy in a positive way. Combine this with a balanced diet and you’ll have a healthier lifestyle and fret less about bikini weather approaching!

As a fashion lover, it’s only natural that I also care about what I wear to the gym. I’m a firm believer of looking good and feeling good. I’d rather be late than show up under dressed or with bad brows etc- that’s just me! But basically I like to look cute while I work out. That doesn’t mean I don’t work hard, because I really do. But I do get a boost from liking my work out gear and feeling comfortable and body confident in them.

With that being said, I tried out a couple of pieces from Apricot’s new activewear range and I’m so in love. Naturally, I chose the first thing I saw that had some element of pink in it. For some reason I’m just drawn to pink, always have been. So I went for the Apricot Life Black & Pink Zip Panel leggings, priced at £22.00 and Black Hoodie, priced at £25.00.

Apricot Activewear

Apricot Life- Black and Pink



Pink Obsession

I’ve found the activewear from the new range to be really comfortable and it fits really well. Often, it’s hard to find work out leggings that are fitted without being too baggy or too tight around the waist and hip area. This pair is nice and fitted but you don’t have to worry about splitting them either- I’ve done squats, dead lifts, the rowing machine and cross trainer in these. I’ve even done a high energy dance class which involved throwing myself on the floor and rolling around. So, I can assure you that durability has been tested! These are just fine.

There are a lot of brands expanding into activewear at the moment and this can only be a good thing for us girls that like to look cute while we work out. My advice to you is to grab an outfit you like, a few of your bridesmaids and start working out together. If you go to different gyms, fine- just cheer each other on. Set up a whatsapp group and make clear goals. Motivate each other. If you don’t like the gym go outside! There’s lots you can do for free.


Some of my top tips that have worked for me are:

  1. Squats– These are great for the glutes and the legs and are good for working on your core strength too.
  2. Resistance bands– You can take these anywhere and work your whole body with them. I love these for leg day.
  3. Weights– I love a deadlift and weighted squats really work your muscles and build endurance.
  4. Cardio– Don’t forget cardio if you want to burn fat. Weights and resistance training alone won’t cut it. Try a High Intensity Interval Training Class (HIIT)- this combines short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief low intensity exercises to enhance your workout.
  5. Cut out sugar– Excess sugar will just make you tired and you’ll find that you’re storing fat and not shifting it.
  6. Water– Drink plenty of it. You need this to rehydrate and flush out toxins.

Happy Planning! xoxox

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