The Wedding Workout Plan

Date, check. Venue, check. Now it is time to nail the perfect wedding workout plan!


The wedding workout plan should begin six months before the big day. Do not do any last-minute super training, starvation, and goal setting of getting into that dress that is too small. Start ahead of time with a healthy diet and exercise program that will give you strength, flexibility, glowing skin and energy that makes you feel fabulous inside and out!

The Wedding Workout Plan

Begin Easy

If it all seems too daunting to start, simply start out small and don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with a 10-minute full-body HIIT workout and, before you know it, you will have the confidence, ability and strength to do a full hour session without the feeling of dragging yourself through it. Workouts should be ‘me time’ that benefits not only your body but your mind, too. Why not include your bridesmaids, this way you can all hold each other accountable! Workout sessions should feel like self-care to you, always finishing with a smile, a sense of accomplishment and a huge confidence boost.


Cardio and Body Toning

The wedding workout plan should consist of cardio routines: HIIT, aerobics, pilates, spin classes and 30-minute running. The majority of wedding dresses show off the upper body, these exercises focus on this as well as your back and arms.


For your wedding day, it is all about the way you hold yourself when showing off the fabulous dress you are wearing. Strengthening exercises create stronger and leaner muscles that are aesthetically pleasing, a sense of elegance and a healthy figure.

Targeting the Core

It is very important to incorporate squats and lunges to strengthen your legs and tone your waist. The perfect silhouette can all be noticed by the curve of the waistline. Fun exercises to target the waistline are side planks and oblique twists.

The Wedding Workout Schedule

Firstly, the key to success for this is preparation, organisation and sticking to the schedule. Plan when you can fit a workout in, organise the equipment you need and maintain the diet plan!


Six Months Until the Big Day

To begin, plan a schedule that you will stick to for the next six months. Give yourself an hour session three times a week, ideally with a day rest in-between. The ideal would be sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you can rest and relax on the weekend.


A combination of cardio and body toning moves is the priority for the hour. Focusing on cardio, give yourself 45 minutes on a cardio exercise, and match that with 15 minutes of strengthening. If you feel like you want to focus on strength, give yourself 45 minutes of strength exercises, and then 15 minutes of cardio before or after. The most important thing in these sessions is to keep the body moving.


The following cardio options to consider:

  • HIIT
  • Aerobics
  • Pilates
  • Spin classes
  • Jog, run or fast walk


Strengthening and toning your body options:

  • Squats
  • Weights
  • Resistance bands
  • Diet


Squats are the go-to exercise as they work the entire lower body, including hamstrings and quads. Weight lifting isn’t just about bulking and building mass. It benefits posture, weight loss, boosts metabolism and better sleep.

It is very important to focus on clean eating. Eliminate all sugar products and increase your intake of water. Fish oil and biotin are fantastic in supporting your skin, hair, nervous system and brain. A high protein, low carbohydrate diet is the only way forward.


Four Months Until the Big Day

At this point, you should feel comfortable with your workout sessions. Although three times a week is absolutely fine, if there is a chance to fit another session, go for it!


If you haven’t already, target upper body toning using weights. Focus on a mix of slow and controlled exercises targeting the biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back. If you want to break these into days, triceps and shoulders are good to pair in one session, with biceps and back another.


From a nutrition point, it is now time to eliminate toxins. Continue to stay away from sugars and start drinking green juices every other day. This will make your skin glow and give you the natural energy your body needs.


Two Months Until the Big Day

With two months to go, it’s time to change the stress levels into excitement!


Continue with your full-body cardio and body toning routine. Let’s add some excitement, though! A suggestion could be a dance class. This is a great way to get your heart rate up, burn calories and release happy endorphins.


Continue with the clean diet, avoiding the nasty sugars. Try cut down on or eliminate alcohol at this point. Keep drinking the green juice every other day.


In terms of wellbeing, why not book a massage for the ultimate stress reliever. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, too.

One Month Until the Big Day

Only one month to go, look how far you have come!


You should continue with the three sessions a week, or more if you have the time and want to do so! Don’t over do it if you don’t want to, it is important to stick with at at least three sessions. At this stage, maybe try something new, build the confidence further and leave any nerves at the door come the wedding day. You can mix up a session with a boxing class for example.

No need to change the diet at this point. You could add more brainpower foods, such as eggs and salmon, but just stick to being the clean queen you are.

One Week Until the Big Day

With only a week until the big day, take a moment to be proud of what you have achieved! You should see all the benefits from your workouts and healthy eating. Continue with the final three sessions. If at all you feel any stress, switch up the cardio sessions for yoga sessions.


In terms of diet on the final week, try to add some calcium foods, such as salmon and green vegetables. This will help relieve any unneeded stress.

Wedding Day

Well, here you are! All the hard work has paid off. Look in the mirror and leave all the wedding day nerves at the door. If you have the time, there’s no harm in a quick 10-minute run or dance session to release any negative energy.


Don’t forgot to fuel up with healthy foods to keep your energy levels high! Keep your tummy and brain full, avocado on toast is great for this. During hair and makeup, drink green juice for the healthy glow.


Enjoy the wonderful day and be proud of what you have achieved in the last six months. Even after the wedding and honeymoon has passed, why not continue these healthy habits and maintain that newlywed glow!


Happy Planning!

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