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Planning ahead is essential when it comes to a stress free wedding. There is so much to organise, and we all have that deep fear that it won’t go right on the day. So we plan and plan to make sure the whole event goes smoothly. For most of us, this is the first big event we have had to put together. We’re learning on the job, and it’s a steep learning curve.

Start with booking your venue

The availability of your preferred venue is usually what determines the date and time of your wedding. If you choose to have your ceremony at a separate location, like a church, it can be much harder to get the date you want. To reduce the pressure of finding transport between the venues, and the worry of people getting lost, it will be easier choose a single location.

Check to see if your chosen venue will be decorating the rooms you use on the day. If not, you need to consider how your decor will be installed. Some florists offer a full service. This means they will bring the flowers, set the centrepieces, and even cover the chairs for you. Others will not. You may have some friends who can help decorate the venue for you.

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Choosing your photographer

When you choose your photographer, be sure to check out his portfolio. Ask questions about how he sets up and captures the images. Will you need to add extra time to be sure you’ll get the photos you want? Or perhaps you want more of a documentary style as featured at Talk about the shots you like, so you can be certain you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Organising your ceremony

Your celebrant will want to meet with you at least twice before your ceremony. The first meeting will be to book his service and confirm the kind of reading or ceremony you would like. You may then not see him again until you sign the legal documents to confirm you are ready to marry. The ceremony can then take place, and you will be legally wed. It sounds stuffy and formal. It needs to be. But you and your husband-to-be can still personalise the event with your own vows and poetry readings. You might also choose some music for walking up the aisle.

Hair and Make-Up

As you may be nervous on the morning of your wedding, you might prefer to book a hair stylist and makeup artist. This takes the pressure off you to get it right. It also means you can catch up with some of your family you haven’t seen in a while, and enjoy yourself before the ceremony. Getting dressed up ready for your wedding is a big deal, and you want it to be a special time. Your final moments as a single woman should be cherished. You may even want them recorded by the photographer.

Starting your preparations early can help make sure everything is booked and ready to go. You should also designate some of the arrangements to friends and family, so you are free to enjoy the big event. Have a wonderful, stress-free wedding.

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Happy planning! xoxox

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